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Comprehensive services

We offer a broad range of specialist services all with Professional Ecologist over site and direction.
Grassland Management

Grassland conservation and management has long been our passion. We can design, specify and deliver new grassland, or manage / restore existing.  Crucially we monitor the results and use this in on-going adaptive management.


With in-house machinery to cut and collect we have the capability to manage wildflower grasslands in a non-prescriptive and reactive way.

Habitat Restoration

Restoring habitats is a dynamic and sometimes complex process. An understanding of, and an eye for the habitat processes and indicator species involved will be key to deciding what's working.

We can advise on and work on projects to restore a whole range of UK habitats.

Invasive Weed Management in sensitive environments 

In most situations using a standard contractor provides the simplest solution to managing invasive species. However, in important or fragile habitats this risks serious damage to non-target plant species.


In these situations Ecological Estates can provide a more bespoke approach, using ecologists to ensure that non-target species are favoured and that habitats and seed banks can be restored. 

Woodland Management

Woodland are not just trees, but a complex ecosystem and a fantastic resource when managed effectively.


We have the in-house capability to manage and monitor woodlands, but also the ability and contacts to supervise larger arboricultural operations.


We know that the involvement of local people can be invaluable in sustainable management. We have personnel who can train volunteer groups and facilitate the involvement of the public in habitats such as woodlands.

Wetland Management

Wetlands are a delicate resource, whilst relatively easy to create they can require a lot of on-going management.


We have experience of creating ponds, wetlands and semi-natural watercourses and understand the importance of monitoring and adaptive management in these situations.

Notable plant rescue and rehabilitation 

We are able to identify scarce or notable species in the field, rescue them and enter them into an off-site propagation programme for later careful re-planting.


Using ecologists means plants go back in the right place having been correctly identified and correctly managed. 

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