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Delivering Biodiversity Gain

Biodiversity Gain makes it vital that ecologists are involved from project idea, through planning and design to final operation.  Picking up the baton from Brooks Ecological's planning and design work, Ecological Estates delivers on the ground. Our proven track record of creating and managing habitats gives confidence to decision makers that BNG can be delivered. 

Biodiversity Gain Stages

Pre-planning design and documentation
Biodiversity Net Gain
Ecologist Calculates Biodiversity Requirements

Your site will need to show that you can deliver a 10% net gain in biodiversity.   

Ecologist used to balance BNG  Requirements

Design work and delivery documents will have shown how BNG can be achieved.  Decision makers need convincing that promises in documents become a reality on the ground.

Pond establishment.jpg
Ecological Estates creates or enhances habitats set out in Planning delivery documents 

If the site work is not done right you will not deliver BNG or trust in future projects.  

Ecological Estates carries out the expert management needed.

BNG cannot be attained if management is not carefully designed and delivered. 

Post-planning delivery
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